About Us

Who are we?

Geostar surveying solutions is an Ethiopian company that delivers solutions in Land surveying and GIS. we have nine years and counting of combined experience. We are a team of professional individuals, who have dedicated ourselves to providing solutions in a wide spectrum of industries. Our services are fully backed by a team of well-seasoned and skilled engineers.

Our Values

We like to think of ourselves as stakeholders in each of our client’s projects. For a number of projects with an astounding performance, we like to rate our value to a satisfied customer who became clients.

With us, quality is not just a word but a way of conduct. The quality of our products and service is not compromised for anything. We don’t like to set an unrealistic lower price to sacrifice quality and continuous support.

We have solutions for a wide range of industries but all our products and services are consistent and abid to strong moral value. Geostar surveying solutions the definition of unwavering integrity.

We value your time as much as you do. At Geostar Surveying solutions a punctual response is ensured.

What We Do

As a technology-driven company that focuses on providing a solution. we would like to focus on delivering client-centered services for our clients in various industries. we will assess the needs of our clients and tailor a perfect solution to those needs. For a wide range of industries in Land surveying, Mapping, cadastral work, Agriculture, Infrastructure overview, Disaster prevention, and recovery. We adapt to the ever-changing industry so your business can operate smoothly.

Our services

Sales and Rental

Take a step in the right direction by buying or renting our instruments.

Maintenance and Calibration

Get your instruments Maintained and calibrated with world class engineers and get your instruments certified.


Get our internationally certified land surveyors and GIS experts to train your staff.

We’ve Completed More Than 100+ project for our amazing clients, if you are interested?

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